What’s believed to be a world first in the golfing community.  Moore Park Golf Club have installed a giant LED screen on their driving range.  The screen is 22sqm…over 6m wide in a 16mm pitch… and was designed to be supported on a structure that was assembled off site, and hoisted into position to minimize down time on the driving range.  Big Screen Projects worked closely with the protective netting supplier to design an interwoven net that allowed for clear transparent viewing of the screen.

The screen is used for coaching, special events, golf activity, advertising and entertainment.  There is also the capability for social media interaction with Twitter and Instagram.  The Screen has already led to increased activity on the range, and provided added value to the Driving Range experience.

On the first weekend after installation, a crowd gathered in the car park to watch the Wallabies on the  300″ BIG screen.. a first for Moore Park Golf Club.


Ed Sanderson – Manager, Sport and recreation Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust

 “Big Screen Projects worked closely with Moore Park Golf and the landlord, the Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust to deliver an innovative entertainment addition to Australia’s busiest driving range, a 22sqm LEd screen on the driving range – a world first!  Hosting in excess of 220,000 people every year with 1,00,000 balls hit each month Big Screen Projects managed the project from concept and design through to delivery, install and commissioning with minimal business disruption and importantly on budget.

On behalf of everyone at Centennial Park and Moore Park Golf we thank Big Screen projects for their diligence and professionalism…”