We have extensive experience working on commercial projects be it a small renovation for a pub or club or a $2 billion commercial development.  We understand the process of staged delivery, adjusting programmes, project management , and maintain OHS practices which are in line with Workcovers standard.  Our project staff  have the skills, experience, and attention to detail which are fundamental in the delivery of large complex projects.

We are the proven leaders in the hospitality market, with more 3mm and 5mm pitch LED screens in Hotels and Clubs than any other supplier in Australia.  We provide solutions that are guaranteed to achieve return on your investment, and contribute to the ongoing revenue of your venue.  Our outdoor signage is proven to attract customers,  whilst our internal and Beer Garden Big Screens are continually proving to keep them there.

LED displays provide the retail industry with the opportunity to communicate with their customer on a deeper level than visual merchandising and free standing banners.  Branded Content within a retail environment has proven to reach more customers than traditional advertising mediums alone.  Our retail projects succeed because our products are reliable, and our solutions are tailored for each site’s unique requirements.  Our experience  in this division ranges from freestanding “way-finding” solutions to large format creative and advertising displays.

We are positioned at the forefront of the continually evolving market that is creative LED.  Big Screen Projects are hands on in the design and development of cutting edge technology, that is essential with the bespoke designs our clients are looking for.  We are experienced in working closely with architects, lighting specialists, and interior designers to provide solutions that are fresh, unique, and maintain existing design themes and requirements.  The contribution and design development we make in the early stages of a project is what sets us apart from our competitors.

The Digital Revolution is here… Outdoor Advertising is gradually moving into the digital age with a large number of Billboard signs changing from traditional static graphics to full colour high-end digital display.  The flexibility with content and the ability to change or update your message instantly is what clients are looking for.  Gone are expensive month long advertising campaigns, high labour and printing costs.  Our services are not limited to only the supply and management of the LED display.  We work with our clients from the initial phases of DA applications, right through to the content management system design, content design for LED advice, and ongoing maintenance plans to ensure the display is always looking its best.